Rapport -- the thought-matching game

“Name five great inventions.”  “Name five things that are sticky.”  “Name five handsome men.” 

In the game of Rapport® you are given list questions like these, and your object is to crawl into the minds of your fellow players and choose answers that you believe they will also choose.

The closer you match, the higher you score, and win or lose, you are guaranteed to finish the game knowing a lot more about the people you’ve played with.

Fun for all ages, and educational, too, Rapport® is the perfect pastime for groups of friends, family gatherings, the impromptu party, workshops and conferences, even the classroom.

Join in a game and see if you are able to establish Rapport®.

The Game of Rapport was developed by Creative Intentions.
Copyright ©2000 by Jeff Lee. 

For information contact jlee@filbert.com.