Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia 1999-2000 

Back of the Book

Back of the Book stamps are special purpose varieties that are usually listed in stamp catalogs after the common types of postal issues.  Here are some examples.
U.S. "Jenny" Airmail Airmail - Postage guaranteeing transportation of mail by air.  See
  Airmail Stamps -- Their Images and Symbolism
  Collecting Airmail
  International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies
  Refresher Course: Airmail Stamps Fulfill Various Postage Rates
  Links to Aerophilatelic Sites
Greenland Booklet Booklet - Format consisting of one or more panes of stamps inside a protective cover.  See
  Questions and Symbols -- Booklet Panes
  Scout Stamp Booklets
  Swedish Stampbooklets
  Refresher Course: U.S. Booklets Can Be Collected in Different Ways
Australia Duck Stamp Duck Stamps - Issued by state and federal governments to raise money for the protection of waterfowl.  See
  Michael Jaffe, Duck Stamp Specialist
  Linn's Duck Stamps Articles by Bob Dumaine
  National Duck Stamp Collectors Society
  U.S. Federal Duck Stamp Program
U.S. Essay Essay - A design that is submitted for a proposed stamp, but not accepted.  See
  The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs
U.S. Newspaper Stamp Newspaper Stamps - Issued to prepay postage on newspapers, periodicals  and other printed matter.  See
  The German Newspaper Stamps of 1939
China Postage Due Postage Due - Applied to items mailed with insufficient postage.  See
  China Imperial Postage Due Issues
China Postal Card Postal Stationery - Letters, postcards or wrappers imprinted with a non-adhesive stamp.  See
  Linn's Collecting Basics: Postal Stationery
  Aerogramme Society
  Bahamas Postal Stationery
  United States Postal Cards
  United States Postal Stationery Society
U.S. "Persian Rug" Revenue Stamp Revenue - Stamps affixed to documents and merchandise signifying the payment of required tax.  The 1871 U.S. documentary stamp pictured is known as the "Persian Rug"  due to its intricate design.   See
  U.S. Revenues by David Weisenback
  Dan Harding's U.S. Revenues
  Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps
  Tax Stamps on Playing Cards
  XTreme Philately -- Revenue Stamp Exhibits by Bruce Baryla

Andorra Semi-Postal Semi-Postal - A "charity stamp" that adds an extra charge to benefit a non-postal cause.  This Andorra stamp includes a 10c surtax benefiting the Red Cross.  See
  Refresher Course: New to the U.S. but More Than a Century Old
  Mike Smith's Breast Cancer Research First Day Cover Collection


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