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Afars and Issas

Afars and Issas -- Gold embossed Japanese sword guard design (1970)

Albany Stamp Co. -- Afars and Issas - 1967-1977.  Images of  nearly all stamps issued, plus selling price.  Before 1967 the territory was known as Somali Coast.  In 1977 it became Djibouti Republic.


Argentina -- Eva Peron official stamp (1953)

Filatelia Argentina - 1858 - 1911.  Images of stamps and watermarks.  Arranged by year and catalog number.  By Roberto Lerner.


Austria -- Maiden in costume of Salzkammergut region of Styria (1948)

Austria Post Stamp Catalog - Covers 1947 to current.  High quality images.  Value in Austrian schillings and Euros.  Background information on each stamp.  Includes topic search.

Aeiou Stamp Album - 1986 - 1996.  Large  images and detailed descriptions for this decade of issues.


Baden -- Coat of Arms (1868)

The Stamps of the Grand Duchy of Baden - 1851-1868.  Images and descriptions of each issue in depth.  Covers the period when Baden was a member of the German Confederation.  By Eric Pearsall.


Belgium -- "Tin Hat" (1919)

Belgium Stamp Catalog - 1849 to recent.  Images of most issues.  Lists denomination, date of issue and printing information.  Designed by Anton Theodorus Foekema.


Canada -- The Bluenose, often regarded as the most beautiful of Canadian stamps (1929)

Canada Post Stamp Stories - Recent issues.  Images and detailed background information.  See also the 68 stamps of the Millenium Collection.

Canadian Catalog of Stamp Combinations - Se-tenant issues, 1957 to present.  Images and issues dates.

Canadian Definitive Stamps - Definitive issues, 1967 to present.  Images, printing information and Scott and Darnell numbers.

Postage Stamps of Canada and Provinces - 1851 to present.  Viateur Matte's price list.  No Images.  Titles and Scott numbers.


China -- Confucius (1947)

Stamp of China - 1878-1946.  Includes images, basic descriptions and market values.  Stamps searchable by Scott or Ma catalog numbers.

Stamps and Cancellations of Imperial China - 1878-1911.  High resolution images and brief descriptions of many issues of the period.  Covers and cancellations also shown.  By Tommy Chiu.

China Catalog - 1878-1988.  Images and information on the issues of China, People's Republic of China and Chinese Provinces.  (Chinese).




Republic of Croatia -- "Croatia" is the root of the word "cravat" or necktie (1995)

Croatian Post Stamps - 1991 to present.  Covers stamps issued since the formation of the Republic of Croatia.  High resolution images.  Extensive stamp data and descriptions.


Czechoslovakia -- Prague Castle Art; Crowing Rooster (1983)

Internet Philatelic Shop - Stamp Gallery - 1918 to present.  Presents images of  stamps issued by Czechoslovakia (1918-1939; 1945-1992), Bohemia and Moravia (1939-1945), Slovakia (1939-1945) and Czech Republic (1992 to present).  Includes issue dates, prices, and Pofis, Michel and Scott catalog numbers.


Denmark -- Viking ships by 11-year-old Anna Styrbæk

Postage Stamps of Denmark - 1851-1998.  Postage.dk catalog and price list.  High resolution enlargements.


Estonia -- National Coat of Arms (2000)

Stamps from Estonia - 1918-1998.  Images and basic information.  Catalog of Jörgen Andersson's private collection.

Estonia Post Stamp Plan - 1997 to present.  Images, printing data and descriptions of stamp subjects.

Frimärken Estland - 1918-1999.  Price list from E. W. Larsson.  Includes Michel numbers and thematic classification.

Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands -- Czeslaw Slania's Ram design (1979)

Stamps of the Faroes - 1975 to present.  Lists image, title, denomination and selling price.  By the Faroe Islands Post.


France -- Ceres (1871)

Collection Virtuelle de Timbres de France - Focuses on first 60 issues, 1849-1871.  Many high resolution images.  Compiled by Paul-André Bouchard.

France Stamp Catalog - 1849-1988.  Images of most issues.  Lists denomination, date of issue and printing information.  From Anton Theodorus Foekema's Europe catalog project.

French West Africa

French West Africa -- Chimpanzee (1955)

Philnet -- Stamps of French Western Africa - 1944-1959.  Lists image, description, date of issue and some additional data, as well as selling price.  From Uncle Phil's Cyber Museum.


Germany — 125th Anniversary of Beethoven's Death (1952)

Stamps of Germany, West Berlin - 1948-1990.  Complete catalog of Berlin issues with images and prices.  One of several online catalogs published by postage.dk.

Great Britain

Great Britain -- Portrait of Henry VIII (1997)

The Postage Stamps of Great Britain, 1840-1901 - 1840-1901.  Images and in depth study of the stamps of the Victorian period.  

British Stamp Catalogue - 1840-1998.  Images of most issues.  Lists denomination, date of issue and printing information.  By Anton Theodorus Foekema.

Royal Mail Previous Stamp Issues - 1997-1999.  High resolution images and detailed background information.  Separate section devoted to the Millenium Collection.

Mark Sargent G.B. Stamps - 1840 to present.  Prices for stamps listed by Stanley Gibbon and, in some cases, Scott numbers.


Hawaii -- S. S. "Arawa" issued by shortlived Republic of Hawaii (1894)

Post Office in Paradise - 1851-1899.  Images and detailed analysis of varieties and postal history.   Scott numbers.  Includes officials, revenues and postal stationery.  


Iceland -- Stúfur, one of 13 Iceland Yule goblins (1999)

Iceland Internet Catalogue - 1873-1944.  Images, descriptions and printing information, with expanded treatment of varieties and inverted watermarks.  Reports values in Danish crowns.  By Thomas Graungaard.

Frímerkjasíða Íslandspósts - 1873-1999.  High resolution images, descriptions, printing data and values.  Searchable by printer and designer.  By Vigfús Pálsson.

Icelandic Philatelic Sales Issue Information - 1995-present.  Images, printing information and descriptive paragraphs.  Searchable by topic.


Indonesia -- Spectral Tarsier (1998)

World of Stamps - Indonesian Stamps - 1990-1999.  Library (1990-1997) includes scans and technical details.  Gallery (1998-1999) adds high resolution images and in depth background information.  By J. Martin.

Eldi Philately World - 1996 to present.  Images and titles.  By Daniel Krompis

Italian States

Italian States, Sicily -- Ferdinand II (1859)

Stamps of the Old Italian States - 1850-1868.  Describes the issues of Lombardy-Venetia, Modena, Parma, Papal State, Romagne, Sardinia, Naples, Sicily, Neapolitan Provinces and Tuscany.  Images,  specifications and history.


Italy -- "Italia" after Syracusean coin (1953)

I Francobolli d'Italia - 1861-1961.  Images, descriptive data and values for new and used.  (Italian).


Latvia -- Airmail issue depicting Blériot monoplane (1928)

The Postage Stamps of Latvia - Covers all issues, 1919-1940 and 1991 to present.  Images, some high resolution.  Published by Latvia Post.


Luxembourg -- Kalborn Mill (1997)

Luxembourg Stamps Database - 1882 to present.  Images, denominations, dates of issue and descriptive information.  Special sections devoted to rarities, postal stationary,  postmarks and forgeries.  Created by Gary Little.

Office des Timbres Luxembourg - 1996 to present.  High resolution images and expanded descriptions.  Separate page covers newest issues.


Maylasia -- Petronas Twin Towers (1997)

Malaysian Stamp Park - 1958-1999.  Images and titles of stamps in the collection of Ahmad Faisal Bin Alias.

Collecting Stamps from Malaysia Stamp List - 1867-present.  Information about the issues of the Straits Settlements (1867-1946), Federated Malay States (1900-35), Federation of Malaya (1957-63) and Malaysia (1963-).  Maintained by Teh Hean Lam.

Straits Settlements Stamps - 1912-1938.  High Resolution images of the stamps in Maurus Damian's collection.


Netherlands -- Girl and Windmill Child Welfare Issue (1951)

Arjen's Postzegels - 1852-1960.  Scott numbers, prices and many images.  Yearsets listed after 1960.

R. Janning - Philately of the Netherlands - 1852-1927.  Scott and NVPH numbers, prices and images.  Separate back-of-the-book section.

New Hebrides

New Hebrides -- Volcano Yasur on Tanna Island (1973)

Virtual Stamp Album New Hebrides - 1908-1980.  Images.  Information on postal history, back of the book and forgeries as well as regular issues.  Michel, Scott, Yvert and Stanley Gibbons numbers listed.

New Zealand

"Last Sunset" Round Kiwi Millenium Issue (1999)

Auckland City Stamps Catalogue - 1855 to present.  Images, brief descriptions and prices.


Phillipines -- 150th Anniversary of Mongol Pencils (1999)

ABdA Phillipine Stamp Catalog - 1946 to present.  Images, design details, Scott numbers and commentary on Phillipine stamp issues for each decade following the country's independence.  By Arturo B. del Ayre.


Portugal -- Matias de Albuquerque (1928)

Stamps of Portugal - 1853-1998.  Images and printing details.  Catalog based on more expanded CD-ROM version by A2Z Media.

Filatelia em Portugal - Imagens e História - 1921-59, 1970-79 and new issues.  Images, descriptions and printing information.  Separate section for new issues.   (Portuguese).


Russia -- Catherine the Great (1913)

Zarealye Russian Postage Stamps Online - 1857-1995.  Images and brief descriptions.  Entries may also be browsed by topic.

Russian Stamp Information, Images and Values - 1857 to current.  Images and stamp valuation analysis based on eBay auction results.  From David Rowell's Russian Philately, Stamps & Postal History.

Catalogue of Russian Post Stamps - 1992 to present.  Images, design specifications and descriptions of stamp subject.


Singapore -- Cuttlefish (1977)

CS Philatelic -- Stamps of  Singapore - 1948-1999.  Images.  Lists stamp title and price for used, mint and FDC.

Singapore Stamp Page - 1948-1996.  Images.  Lists stamp title and Stanley Gibbons, Scott and International Stamp & Coin catalog numbers.  Designed by Tan Boon Swa.


Switzerland -- Alphorn Blower (1955)

Switzerland Postage Stamp Catalog - 1843-1997.  High resolution images.  Price list.  Maintained by Postage.dk.


Thailand -- King Chulalongkorn, 100 atts surcharge (1899)

Thai Postage Stamps - 1883-1994.  Images, dates of issue and brief descriptions.

Thailand Stamps - 1994-2000.  Images and design information.  By Chutchai Suebklang.

United States

IBM QBIC Demo - 1847-1995.  Searchable database of U.S. stamp images.  Lists stamp title, denomination and issue date.

Stamp News - 1999-2000.  Detailed information on recent issues.  Images.  By Jay Bigalke.


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