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About LISL - Introduction to Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia.
Auctions - Links to online auctions, directories of auction houses and other auction resources.
Auction Search - Form for searching 10 online stamp auctions.
Back of the Book - Special-purpose stamp varieties that are listed in the back of stamp catalogs.
Basics - Web sites offering information for beginning philatelists.
Catalogs (Online)new.gif (158 bytes) - Country catalogs, collections and price lists on the web.
Catalogs (Printed) - Printed stamp catalogs of the world.
Dictionaries - Encyclopedias, glossaries, stamp identifiers and translations of stamp collecting terms.
Discussions - Philatelic online discussion forums, message boards, newsgroups and chat rooms.
Emblems - Symbols, seals and logos that appear on postage stamps.
Ezines - Electronic stamp magazines and news sources on the web.
Federations - National philatelic societies and affiliated clubs.
Magazines (English) - Printed periodicals related to stamps, in English.
Magazines (Foreign) - Printed periodicals related to stamps, in other languages.
Newsgroups - Access and search philatelic usenet newsgroups.
Postal Authorities - Postal authorities and philatelic agencies of the world on the web.
Rarities - Famous rare and valuable stamps.
Refresher Index - Index of weekly Refresher Course articles published by Linns.com.
Search Tools - Searchable philatelic databases.
Stamp Shows - Calendars listing stamp shows, expositions and exhibitions.
Topicals - Online exhibits of stamps representing a specific subject.
Translators - Language translators and foreign dictionaries.
U.S. Inverts - The nine varieties of U.S. inverts that have reached the public.
Web Directories - Collections of links to stamp collecting web sites.
What's New - A log of changes to the Listopedia.


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