Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia 1999-2000 

Postal Authorities

Fabio Alarici's Postal Authorities and Philatelic Services on the Web Fabio Alarici's Postal Authorities and Philatelic Services on the Web Nicely laid out list of links to postal authority web sites.  Includes commentary on the usefulness of the sites and tips on how to navigate them.
The Global Post Office The Global Post Office A stamp album full of links to postal authorities and philatelic agencies around the world, by the maker of this Listopedia.  Click on a stamp to go to that country's post office.
Linn's Reference -- Postal Administrations Linn's Reference -- Postal Administrations Mailing addresses of all known active postal administrations, maintained by Linn's Stamp News.
Postal Authorities Postal Authorities Ye Meng's site covers postal administrations and stamp agencies for nations and territories.
POST*Info Post-related Web Sites POST*Info Post-related Web Sites Link list maintained by the Postal Technology Centre, the technical branch of the Universal Postal Union.
Universal Postal Union Universal Postal Union Web site of the UPU, the arm of the United Nations that regulates international postal service.


See also
Link Fabio Alarici's E-mails & Postal Addresses of Philatelic Bureaux Email and regular mail addresses of postal authorities.
Link Fabio Alarici's Stamp Agencies on the Web Links to agencies who have been authorized to sell a nation's stamps in other countries.
Link Post Europ The European consortium behind the annual Europa issues.