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Collecting stamps belonging to a particular topic or theme is a very popular facet of the hobby.   Here are some examples of thematic exhibits found on the web.
Australian Plants on Stamps Australian Stamps on Plants Catalog of flora depicted on the stamps of Australia by the Australia National Botanic Gardens .  Includes high resolution stamp images.
Birds of the World on Postage Stamps Birds of the World on Postage Stamps Chris Gibbins' large and informative catalog of bird stamps.
Bugatti in Philately Bugatti in Philately A philatelic treatise on the Bugatti automobile from Filamobil.
Chess on Stamps Chess on Stamps Dr. Colin Rose's gallery and online catalog of chess-related stamps.
Coins on Stamps Coins on Stamps Images of stamps depicting coins, presented by Swiss collector, Marcel Zumstein.  
Cryptozoology and Philately Cryptozoology and Philately Cryptozoology -- the study of animals whose existence has not been accepted by the scientific community -- is the topic of Philip Burns' interesting site.
Dag Hammarskj÷ld on Stamps Dag Hammarskj÷ld on Stamps Chuck Matlack's tribute to the former Secretary-General of the UN.
Dentistry in Stamps Dentistry in Stamps Well-researched exhibit of thematic dentistry on stamps by Adrian Basu.
Disnemation Disnemation Checklist, newsletter and guide to collecting Disney topical stamps.  Published by Bill Sylvester.
Dog Breed Stamps From Around the World Dog Breed Stamps From Around the World A virtual kennel of dog topicals for sale, organized by breed.  Includes stamps from non-recognized countries.  By Francie Stull.
Education and the World of Philately Education and the World of Philately Education International's display of stamps about education, with a special section devoted to World Teacher's Day commemoratives.
Gem, Rock and Mineral Postage Stamps Gem, Rock and Mineral Postage Stamps Worldwide collection of mineral stamps at Richard Busch's Rox Vobiscum.
History of Bulgaria on Stamps History of Bulgaria on Stamps Summary of Bulgarian history through 1946, illustrated with maps and stamps.  Compiled by Bjorn Harald Bakken.
Hologram Stamps Hologram Stamps Checklist, FAQ and bibliography on hologram stamps, maintained by Ron Bosbyshell.
Lighthouse Stamps Lighthouse Stamps Kristen Rasmussen's catalog and list of links for lighthouse stamp collectors.
Norwegian Railways on Stamps Norwegian Railways on Stamps Jon Digranes' attractive presentation of stamps related to the Norwegian rail system.
Opera - A Philatelic History Opera - A Philatelic History 400 years of opera, lavishly illustrated with stamps, by Paul den Ouden.
Physicists on Stamps Physicists on Stamps Joachim Reinhardt's exhibit of more than 225 stamps commemorating physicists.
Sci-Philately Sci-Philately A selective history of science on stamps developed by Maiken Naylor.
Scouts on Stamps Scouts on Stamps Society International Information and resources for collectors of scout stamps.  Another good scout stamp web site is Scouts on Stamps by Hallvard Sletteb° of Norway.
Space & Astronomy Stamps Space & Astronomy Stamps Ed Locke's generously hyperlinked checklist and gallery.
Stamp Gallery of Czech and Slovak Graphic Art Stamp Gallery of Czech and Slovak Graphic Art Virtual art tour of Czech and Slovak stamps created by Gerhard Batz (German, English and Czech).
Tree Stamps Tree Stamps Gallery of tree stamps from 130 nations (Japanese).
Women on Stamps Women on Stamps Cyberfem Barbie's display of stamps featuring women and female-related subjects.


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