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Pioneer Valley Songbag — Click to listen to great folk music from the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass!

Pioneer Valley Songbag is an online broadcast of folk and acoustic music recorded by artists who have at one time or another called the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts home.  Hosted by Live365.com, our playlist comprises more than thirteen hours of music and represents eighty-five recording artists and singer-songwriters.

For more about folk music and storytelling in Western Massachusetts, visit the Pioneer Valley Folkore Society web site.

A sampling of albums in the Pioneer Valley Songbag library

Artists on our playlist include:

Click on a link above to bring up the artist's home page, if it exists, or their All Music Guide page, if it doesn't.



  Playlist Statistics

  • 302 tracks
  • 18:22 hours of continuous music
  • 108 Valley recording artists
  • Cuts from 171 albums
  • 19 covers of Pioneer Valley songs

  See expanded list


July 9.  20 more tracks uploaded.  New artists include polka greats Larry Chesky and Jimmy Sturr; folksinger, activist, award-winning author and professor of Judaic Studies, Julius Lester; Seventies roots band, Clean Living; Deadpan humorist Steven Wright; and two bands anchored by Adam Sweet -- Maple Ridge Bluegrass Band and Woodkerne Celtic Band.

Also added was the Priscilla Herdman version of Waltzing With Bears, the lyrics of which were written by Springfield's Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel.

New material by Lui Collins, Cliff Eberhardt, The Nields and Josée Vachon was introduced to the playlist as well.

June 3.  June brings twenty more tracks uploaded to the Pioneer Valley Songbag playlist.

Artists new to the playlist include polka greats Larry Chesky and Jimmy Sturr, .  The spirit of activism of the early eighties is recalled in a couple cuts from Bright Morning Star's Arisin' album.  From the PVFS tape archives are live recordings of Raintree, Lyn Hardy & Jay Ungar, and Dr. Horace Clarence Boyer.  We've also added covers of songs written by Paul Kaplan, Dewey Burns, Tex LaMountain and Cliff Eberhardt.

-- Jeff Lee     


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  • We are continually looking to expand our playlist and music library.  We seek good quality recordings of folk and acoustic music performed or written by artists with a connection to the Pioneer Valley.  Please send any suggestions or comments to pvfolk@yahoo.com.

  • Our Who's Where page lists where recording artists have resided in the Pioneer Valley.

  • In case you're wondering where the Pioneer Valley is, it's the corridor of land in Western Massachusetts that surrounds the Connecticut River, and it includes Northampton, Springfield, Amherst and Greenfield.  Here's a map.


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